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Zack Continues to Improve!

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in and supported Zack’s recovery. We want to show everyone the level of necessary care that is performed every day on all four of Zack’s feet to help rid him of this awful canker disease.

In this video, Equine Care Manager Melissa Murray cleans out one of Zack’s front feet. This process is repeated every morning on all four feet. First, the foot and frog (sole) are cleaned out and cleared of any buildup left behind by medications from the day before. Then, the Canker (white tissue) is debrided to help make room for new, healthy tissue to grow. Next, the foot is covered with a peroxide cream and canker paste to create the day’s layer of medication. Finally, the foot is wrapped and ready to go!


Zack has been steadily improving since coming home from the hospital. He is easier to manage during treatment as he is feeling much better and stronger! However, we will have to continue this treatment until all four feet have fully healed. Each foot is improving at a different rate, so there is no definite timeline as to when he will be all better. It is a slow process, but the important thing is that his recovery is progressing day by day.

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