You are currently viewing Equine Advocates 25th Birthday Milestones – Part 5

Equine Advocates 25th Birthday Milestones – Part 5

🎉 In honor of Equine Advocates’ 25th Birthday this Saturday, February 27, we’re counting down 25 of our biggest accomplishments! Each day this week, we will share FIVE major milestones Equine Advocates has conquered since the rescue was founded in 1996.🎉

21. First American Equine Summit Held March 31-April 1, 2012: Equine Advocates invited equine experts from across the country to come together for two days in order to try and end horse slaughter through the exchange of ideas and informational presentations. Three more Summits (through 2015) were hosted and held in the Humane Education Center at Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary. One major victory was a subsequent in-person meeting in Washington, D.C. between one of the presenters and then Vice President Joe Biden. At the time, he was able to keep horse slaughterhouses from reopening in the United States by attaching language to Appropriation Bills to defund USDA horse meat inspectors. Biden opposes horse slaughter and so we are hopeful that a permanent ban might finally pass now that he is President of the United States.


22. Press Exclusive and Hayden Arrive at the Sanctuary (2013) – The arrival of two high-profile horses to the Sanctuary made news that year due to the circumstances surrounding their respective

Hayden and Nelson, two of our three Wild American Mustangs at the Sanctuary.

rescues. Press Exclusive, a Kentucky-bred Thoroughbred Mare, raced exclusively in Canada and not only made a lot of money for her owners, but went on to give birth to nine foals after her racing career was over. When she could not get pregnant for the tenth time, she found herself on a trailer bound for slaughter. She went down in the trailer and was trampled nearly to death. When we heard her story which was covered widely by the press and on social media, we offered to give this gallant mare a permanent retirement home. Hayden is a Wild American Mustang born on the Pryor Mountains of Montana.  He was captured in a brutal round-up by the BLM in 2009 when he was two years old.  He ended up being auctioned off and then shuffled from one bad home to another where he was mistreated and put through all kinds of unnecessary attempts to make him into a domesticated riding horse. Now, he enjoys life at the sanctuary with another Wild American Mustang, Kachina.


23: Equine Advocates Joins Equine Experts for D.C. Meeting in Outgoing V.P. Biden’s Office (January 5, 2017): Equine Advocates president joined John Holland (EWA) and Dr. Ann Marini in presenting arguments and a petition for President Obama asking him to sign an executive order banning horse slaughter before he left office. The petition included signatures from Barbra Streisand, Richard Gere, the late Tom Petty, Robert Redford, Alec Baldwin, Katherine Ross, Sheryl Crow, Bebe Neuwirth, Chevy Chase, Ali MacGraw and others. While that meeting did not result with an executive order in 2017, Biden’s ongoing commitment to end horse slaughter could finally result in legislation banning this repulsive and un-American practice since taking office as President.


24. Daily News Publishes Op Ed by EA President on the Wild Horse Crisis (2017): “Congress Targets Our Wild Horses” by Susan Wagner was published in the NY Daily News. “Special interests in the ranching, oil and gas and mining industries and the lawmakers who do their bidding have a nefarious but underreported agenda: to round up and destroy the wild horses and burros on America’s public lands…” The Op Ed was written due to the escalation of brutal Wild Horse and Burro round-ups by the BLM and the special interests behind that cruel and deadly policy.


25. Willie Nelson Honored With Equine Advocates Safe Home Equine Protection Award (September 26, 2020): 

Virtual Gala & Telethon

In the Age of COVID, Equine Advocates had to cancel all of its public events, including its Annual Awards Dinner & Charity Auction that had been held in Saratoga every year since 2002. Instead, with the help of Carr-Hughes Productions and some great friends, the 2020 Virtual Gala was held in its place with one of the most important individuals we have ever honored. Willie Nelson has rescued many horses from slaughter over the years and is an outspoken opponent of the practice. He also won a Grammy for his recent hit, “Ride Me Back Home,” which has become an anti-horse slaughter anthem.