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Nelson Meets Pedro, Hayden Moves to the Barn!

Spring has sprung and some new relationships are on the rise at Equine Advocates!

Pictured above is a shot from Day 1 of introductions between Nelson, a rescued Wild American Mustang who has been here since 2005 and Pedro, a Standard Donkey who was rescued less than a year ago. After Nelson’s fellow wild horse buddy and pasture mate, Hayden, had to be moved to the barn and off the grass, we knew we needed to find a new friend for Nelson. Since Pedro’s rescue in August 2018, we’ve been trying to find just the right pal to match his macho and rough exterior— we’re thinking Nelson may just be the Mustang for the job! So far, so good!🌷🌷

Hayden, Rescued Mustang

Hayden and Nelson spent their days side by side as our two Wild Horse ambassadors. Together, their unique stories helped to educate the public about the cruel and unnecessary Wild Horse round-ups conducted by the government’s Bureau of Land Management. Unfortunately, we had to split up the dynamic duo because Hayden had developed metabolic issues and needed to be taken off the grass entirely. He was moved up to the Main Barn where he became fast friends with Prince, a Thoroughbred. They spend a good part of each day together in our grass-free, outdoor arena, which gives Hayden the opportunity to exercise and run around. Luckily, he has been doing well since being moved. He also really loves kids and was a big hit with the Special Education students who visited the sanctuary last Wednesday as part of our Humane Education Program.

Nelson and Hayden had been together since Hayden first arrived at the sanctuary in the fall of 2013. We were very upset about having to separate them, but there was no way Hayden could continue to remain on grass. The good news is that both Mustangs are getting along with their new friends. We are so relieved that Hayden has adapted well and seems to really enjoy his new way of life and all the extra attention he is getting from our staff and his many admirers.

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Nelson & Hayden, Rescued Mustangs