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Photo by Kristina Loggia

Robert Redford Signs On to End Horse Slaughter!

Legendary Star, Filmmaker & Environmentalist, Robert Redford, Signs Petition Urging President Obama to End Horse Slaughter!

Robert Redford is a long-time horse lover and advocate. In 1998, he signed the official Voter Card, kicking off the historic Save the Horses campaign in California which resulted in the passage of Proposition 6, the first state initiative in the nation to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

We are honored to have Mr. Redford’s signature on our petition appealing to President Obama and Vice President Biden to enact a federal horse slaughter ban which would end this repulsive practice in the U.S. and prohibit the transport of live equines across our borders into Mexico and Canada or to any other country for the purpose of slaughter. We are extremely grateful to Mr. Redford for his support. Not only is he one of our finest actors and filmmakers, but he is a truly great American.

Please join Robert Redford by signing this petition …and then please share it!

Please also read an eloquent letter written in 2013 by Robert Redford expressing his strong opposition to horse slaughter.