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Melanie’s Mother’s Day Miracle!


Most of you know that we are not an organization that breeds horses. However, there are occasions where foals (baby horses) are born here which occurs when we rescue pregnant mares. 
Most of the 46 PMU Mares from a major rescue operation we conducted in Canada between October 2003 and March 2004 were in foal at the time of their rescue. All of the mares who were pregnant gave birth in the U.S. and a good number of them came to the sanctuary in 2004 which was the year we moved our base of operations to Chatham, NY. One of those mares, Peggy, gave birth to Melanie that year. They were always together. As she aged, we all marveled at how beautiful and glamorous Melanie was. She has one of the most beautiful flaxen manes of any horse I have ever seen. At age 15, Melanie had never been sick a day in her life – until last Thursday when she was suddenly stricken with Equine Enteritis.

This is the first time in 23 years that any equine of ours had developed Enteritis. At first, it appeared that she was colicing as the symptoms for both conditions can be similar. After 11 cc’s of Banamine and a visit from our local vet who treated her with no improvement, the decision was quickly made by all involved to send Melanie to an equine hospital immediately.

We sent Melanie to Rood and Riddle in Saratoga where after careful examination and testing, she was diagnosed with Enteritis. I did not know that sometimes horses do not recover from it. Melanie was suddenly very sick and we quickly became aware that we could lose her. It was just horrendous! I have to commend and thank the surgeon who diagnosed and treated her and the veterinary staff members who worked all night administering fluids to her every two hours ’round the clock. By Saturday, it seemed like she might pull through and then Sunday, I received a call from the surgeon who told me she felt Melanie was going to make it.

To say the least, this was quite an ordeal. On this past Mother’s Day, I am happy to report that mother, Peggy and her daughter, Melanie will be reunited very soon.

We hope mothers everywhere enjoyed their very special day!! –SW