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Lover’s Lane: Beau & Lorna

Beau (left) & Lorna (right)
📷: Susan Wagner
Spring has sprung MORE new relationships here at Equine Advocates!
Everything is green and in bloom here at Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary in beautiful Chatham, NY – And so are new relationships! Back in 2008, Beau, Clive and a third Thoroughbred named Marty were seized by police during a cruelty raid. We were present during the raid with the police and immediately shipped them to an equine hospital following their rescue. All three were emaciated and had behavioral problems due to being locked up and isolated in tiny, squalid areas. After they were gelded, Marty and Beau bonded and lived in a large pasture with two PMU offspring, Jeffrey Mac and Connor. (Clive went on to bond with horses in a different pasture.)
All had been going well for Beau until 2017, when we lost Marty. It was a very sad time for all of us, but especially for Beau who mourned his best and long-time friend. To make matters worse, he just could not seem to get along with the other two geldings in that pasture now that Marty was gone. In fact, he did not get along with any of the other equines we tried to introduce him to which made it both a sad and frustrating situation. We felt so sorry for Beau. Finding him a new friend had proven to be a lot more difficult than we thought.
Meanwhile, in another part of the sanctuary, an aged PMU mare with special needs named, Ella and her best friend, Lorna, a Thoroughbred mare, had formed a very strong attachment – so strong, in fact on Lorna’s part, that we all worried about what would happen if we lost Ella. Both mares had suffered terribly in their past lives and had been slaughter-bound. Lorna understood Ella’s physical problems and protected her. It was so touching to see – But then, the day we all dreaded arrived. In January of this year, we lost our dear, beloved, Ella. Lorna was distraught, as we knew she would be. We had to think fast and find a temporary companion quickly to move to the stall next to Lorna so that she would not be alone.
What at one point may have seemed unlikely, suddenly appeared to be the only solution that made sense in this emergency. We decided to try introducing Beau to Lorna. We immediately brought Beau up to the Main Barn and put him in a stall next to her. Much to our delight, these two melancholy equines were immediately attracted to each other! Call it chemistry, but we are just so happy for Beau and Lorna who have grown to be inseparable. You can find them in a section of the sanctuary that we have named “Lovers Lane” especially for them. 🐴