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Say NO to the Donkey Basketball “Trend”

A horrific sports “trend” called Donkey Basketball has been around since the 1930s, but that doesn’t mean there’s room for it in today’s society. Usually acting as a fundraiser, Donkey Basketball has made its way into high schools across the country as spectators sit idly by and watch this bizarre event unfold. 

The game is riddled with inhumane and demeaning abuse of donkeys as the riders/players often punch, smack, yank and drag the animals around the court. By adults allowing this behavior, its setting the foundation for violence and giving the wrong impression to youth about how we treat living beings. Donkeys also experience slipping on the hardwood floors, having basketballs tossed at them and being bashed by their oftentimes, too-heavy riders. Not only does abuse on the court factor in, but transportation plays a big part as well. A number of companies and farms will load and unload donkeys for the events, hauling them from one place to another. Not only is this extremely stressful on the animals who endure a fate of being kicked and shouted at during the game, they are given limited food and water to prevent accidents on the court, suffer injuries and illnesses during cramped transportation and have to deal with bright lights and loud crowds. Oftentimes the Donkeys will display negative behaviors, bucking around showing their pain and discomfort yet this is what the general public finds entertaining. Simply put, animal abuse is NOT fundraising.

Did you know this barbaric fundraiser idea took place near Equine Advocates in Chatham, NY?! After a joint effort from our founder Susan Wagner and the help of the compassionate townspeople, the event was banned. Invitations to our sanctuary were given out so those could see what a natural, free life for a Donkey looks like.