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TAKE ACTION NOW: America’s Wild Equines Need Your Help

The Bureau of Land Management is still working to get Congressional approval for its “Path Forward” plan. We at Equine Advocates strongly oppose this plan, as it is more of a path “backward” for our nation’s Wild Horses and Burros. The plan calls for cruel roundups and dangerous sterilization techniques, all in an effort to diminish the viability of the remaining Wild Horse population. You can read our full statement on the Path Forward here.

YOU can help make a difference for America’s remaining wild equines right now by watching our latest video below and contacting your members of Congress and House of Representatives to let them know you strongly oppose this horrendous plan. We have included a template for letters and emails below that you can personalize and add your own language to before sending to your elected officials as well. 


Dear **Elected Official**
I am one of your constituents. I am asking that you not approve, and that you, in fact, oppose, “The Path Forward,” a disastrous plan from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) which will hurt and not help America’s remaining Wild Horse and Burro herds. It calls for the continuation of brutal and unnecessary round-ups of wild horses and burros on our Public Lands, as well as the ghoulish and cruel sterilization of wild mares – something that should never be done. These devastating plans, if approved by Congress, would completely destroy the viability of the herds and these animals would merely become shells of the wild equines they were meant to be, living in freedom on the rangelands where they belong. I am imploring you as a Member of Congress to act now to protect and preserve these majestic creatures and their ability to live wild and free as nature intended. They were not meant to be captured and domesticated. 
If this plan goes forward and a reported 220,000 animals are rounded up over time, the end result will be the ultimate destruction of our Wild Horse and Burro herds. They will start to die off and disappear from the American landscape forever. We simply cannot allow that to happen.
I am asking you to please do the following:
  • Make sure within that Appropriations language that the BLM is required to protect their natural and wild behaviors.
  •  Also, make sure that humane management and fertility control does not include barbaric sterilization operations of the mares or the gelding of stallions which would destroy the wildness and natural instincts of these animals and destroy the viability of our wild herds.
This expensive and wasteful plan at $1 billion to the American taxpayer does nothing except to ensure the destruction of our Wild Horses and Burros. It must be rejected. We need a more progressive and humane management plan where the BLM is finally forced to take responsibility and do its job, rather than just rounding these animals up and milking the American taxpayer, especially since most Americans support the protection and preservation of our wild herds as signed into law in 1971. We do not want what is called for in this cruel and immoral “plan.” These animals do not and should never be captured where countless die during the process or end up dying in slaughterhouses or from abuse and neglect in “homes” where the people have no skill or idea as to how to care for them properly. These animals do not belong in captivity. Period!
“The Path Forward” from the BLM calls for $1 billion to round-up, capture and imprison 220,000 horses in government-holding facilities…and the language in the report says that these costs may increase. This is one of the worst, most reckless and completely thoughtless agendas of theirs and it must be soundly and unequivocally rejected.
“The Path Backward,” as we call it, is based on false and unscientific information that completely goes against the historic Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, and the sentiment of the American people. Please take action now. We are at a crossroads as to whether our Wild Horses and Burros will be able to survive, living in freedom and with dignity or whether the BLM and special interests that want these animals removed from the range get what they want which will definitely lead to their destruction and extinction. This is what I and millions of others believe will happen if this disastrous plan is allowed to go forward.



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