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Equine Advocates 25th Birthday Milestones Part 4

🎉 In honor of Equine Advocates’ 25th Birthday this Saturday, February 27, we’re counting down 25 of our biggest accomplishments! Each day this week, we will share FIVE major milestones Equine Advocates has conquered since the rescue was founded in 1996. 🎉


16. Equine Advocates Launched Campaign That Ended Donkey Basketball in Chatham, NY School District (2008): After many years, Chatham High School was persuaded to end the cruel and exploitative form of “entertainment” known as Donkey Basketball as its annual fund-raiser after a campaign led by Equine Advocates generated public opinion against it. Local residents were mobilized, veterinarians spoke out in opposition and Equine Advocates reimbursed the school so that a different and more humane fund-raiser that did not involve the use and abuse of donkeys could be held in its place.

The Chatham Courier published an opinion piece written by Susan Wagner following the cancelation of Donkey Basketball at a local high school.


17. Equine Advocates Wins Court Decision Against Abusive Horse Owner (2008): A Thoroughbred breeder and owner with a prior record of animal abuse, fought to regain ownership of six Thoroughbreds who had been seized by police during a cruelty raid. The organization which was caring for three of the horses (all stallions), went to court and won its fight for all six the horses not to be returned to their owner. Equine Advocates kept the three males who were then gelded. One of them, Marty, passed away, but the other two, Clive and Beau are still alive and living at the Sanctuary.


18. NYT Writer, Joe Drape Pens First in a Series of Investigative Articles Featuring Three Horses Rescued By Equine Advocates (April 5, 2009): A rescued Thoroughbred named, “Pass the Pie,” (renamed, “D.A.” by Equine Advocates) had his “before” and “after” photos published in the New York Times as one of many horses starved and neglected by a New York horse breeder who ended up being convicted for his crimes.


19. Three Horses Used in Equine Studies Program and Consigned to Auction Were Rescued by Equine Advocates; School Changes its Policy Following Public Backlash (2010): Three former race horses who went on to second careers in a college Equine Studies Program were rescued by Equine Advocates after a distraught student contacted the organization that the horses were to be sent to auction where they could have been sold for slaughter.  The incident was reported to and exposed in the press resulting in adverse public reaction so great that the school changed its policy and stopped sending its horses to auction. The three horses, Denny, Tim and Monty all live at the Sanctuary.


20. The High-Profile Rescue of Former NYC Carriage Horse, Bobby II Freedom, Made National News and Exposed the Tragic Fate of Many Urban Carriage Horses (2010): Equine Advocates joined with Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages in the rescue of a former NYC carriage horse who was languishing in a Pennsylvania kill pen awaiting his trip to slaughter.  Details of Bobby’s story were featured on TV news and in major newspapers including the New York Times.  His rescue proved that the carriage horse operators were lying when they continually insisted that their horses did not go to slaughter. Bobby became an ambassador for ending the urban carriage horse trade. He lives at the Sanctuary where every June 25th, we celebrate his “Re-Birth-Day” which was the day he was officially rescued from slaughter back in 2010.