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Equine Advocates 25th Birthday Milestones Part 3

🎉 In honor of Equine Advocates’ 25th Birthday this Saturday, February 27, we’re counting down 25 of our biggest accomplishments! Each day this week, we will share FIVE major milestones Equine Advocates has conquered since the rescue was founded in 1996. 🎉

11. Rescue of 46 Slaughter-Bound PMU Mares in Manitoba (2003-2004): This was our largest rescue to date where we purchased 46 Canadian PMU Mares, most of whom were in foal, thus preventing them from being sold for slaughter. Equine Advocates conducted this rescue operation between October of 2003 and March and 2004.

Lily and Suzie still spend every day together, along with their pasture mate Terry.


12. Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary is Established (2004): After eight years of operating without an official home, the organization moved its base of operations to a farm property in Chatham, New York. Former Canadian PMU Mares, Jill and Bernadette and their newborn foals, Lily and Suzie were the very first horses to arrive at the Sanctuary which happened on June 1, 2004.


13.First Wild American Mustangs Arrive at the Sanctuary (2005):  Willie and Nelson, two Wild American Mustangs from Wyoming and Nevada, respectively, had been captured by the BLM. They arrived at Equine Advocates in January of 2005 and moved into a large 3-acre pasture constructed especially for them. Willie has since passed, but Nelson is still there with a new buddy. In recent years, Equine Advocates welcomed two more Wild Horses to the Sanctuary, both of whom came from the Pryor Mountains of Montana, but in different years. Hayden arrived in 2013 and Kachina in 2020.


14. Equine Advocates Humane Education and Welcome Center Opens at the Sanctuary (2006): This was the beginning of a new Humane Education Program at the Sanctuary focusing on responsible horse guardianship and the humane treatment of all animals.  Since then, the program has expanded and grown. In 2019, more than 800 elementary school students attended classes at the Center.

Mikey and Arnold, along with D.A., have not been separated since arriving at the sanctuary.


15.Rescue of Badly Neglected Thoroughbreds Leads to NYT Expose’ and Eventual Arrest of the Perpetrator (2007) – In January 2007, Equine Advocates received a tip about three Thoroughbreds dying of starvation and neglect at a New York horse farm.  The horses were rescued and rushed to an equine hospital where they remained for 31 days. The authorities were contacted at that time, but did nothing about it. Two years later, Joe Drape of the New York Times, contacted Equine Advocates about emaciated horses bred by the same abuser who were in a trailer and on their way to slaughter when intercepted by police. The NYT published a series of articles about this case which resulted in the arrest and jail time for the perpetrator.  All three horses rescued by Equine Advocates, Arnold, D.A. and Mikey, are alive and well and living at the Sanctuary.