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Choose an Equine Valentine & Get Special Sponsor Perks!

This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to suggest something heartfelt and sweet for our horse-loving supporters and friends! Pedro, Babe, and Amos are looking for that special sponsor this year and it could be YOU! All new recurring sponsors for Pedro, Babe, and Amos will receive a Valentine’s Day Sponsor Package, which includes:

-A Sponsor Pack filled with goodies

-Regular Sponsor perks, including visits any time of the year

-A Valentine’s Day card featuring your equine

-A special Thank You video featuring our President & Founder Susan Wagner with your equine

In order to receive this special Valentine’s Day Sponsor Package, please sign up to be a recurring sponsor for any of these three equines before Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2024. If you’re sponsoring an equine as a gift for another person, we suggest signing up sooner.

Meet the equines looking for a new sponsor. Click their photos to sponsor them:

Pedro is a sweet Standard Donkey rescued in 2018 after he and several horses had been abandoned on a property in upstate New York. In a wonderfully orchestrated group effort, all of the animals were saved! We shipped Pedro to Cornell University Large Animal Hospital where he was gelded and treated for various stages of neglect. He now hangs out with Nelson, a Wild Mustang, in “The Wild Ones” pasture.
Babe, born around 1991, is a former Work Mule from western Pennsylvania. She and her sister Belle were involved in an accident while pulling a plow and Belle was injured. Both were about to be sold at a slaughter auction when Equine Advocates came to their rescue and purchased them. Sadly, Belle passed away on March 23, 2021. Babe spends her days with pasture mates Henry and Marilyn in an area of the sanctuary we call “Comedy Central.”
Amos, a Percheron Draft, was a Military Working Horse for fourteen years with the Caisson Platoon, a unit of the United States Army. Because of his sheer size and strength, he almost exclusively served as a Wheel Horse who pulled the caisson, or wagon carrying the caskets of fallen military members to their final resting places at Arlington National Cemetery. Amos performed in many military funerals and other official ceremonies, including the funeral of General Colin Powell in 2021. He was retired at the sanctuary on November 9, 2023.

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